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Spice filling machine

Regarding dosing technology, it is often thought that the best precision will be obtained with weight filling. It’s not always accurate. Weight dosing is effective for doses above approximately 50g. For the dosage of the grains (like the dawn in grains) we can also favor the weight, because of the weight of each grain. For …

Filling of dry chlorine products

Lines for filling of dry chlorine products must use suitable materials. Easily machinable plastics are often used: PVC, HDPE, HDPP, PEEK… In some cases, the use of stainless steel or aluminium is necessary. In the case of aluminium, it is necessary to carry out a surface treatment. The use of an epoxy paint is effective …

Vertical auger filling machine

To get the finest accuracy, the conception and the manufacture of the toolings are essaentials. The toolings stand for the auget, the funnel, and the agitators. Thanks to more than 90 years of expertise, we developped a huge number of toolings for a large number od dry products. And these numbers are continuously increasing as …


No specific constraints. Filling with bicarbonate does not present an ignition risk. There is no need to use corrosion-resistant materials either. For parts in contact with the product, ask for 316L stainless steel. In addition to being food grade, this stainless steel is particularly robust. MOM equipment MOM builds a complete range of bicarbonate filling …

High speed filling machine

Choosing a high speed filling machine A high speed filling machine is designed to fill thousands of packagings per hour. It should reach this speed whilst maintaining its accuracy and cleanliness, and eventually following specific constraints such as ATEX, dust, acids or bases,… In this article, we will answer the following questions: How does such …

Filling powders and grains : volumetric or weight dosing ?

How to choose between volumetric or weight dosing for your powders and grains Dosing dry products with a vertical screw is adapted to filling a wide range of powders or grains, with a high precision and care for your product (please see here for more details on dosing your powder products).There are two methods for …

What are the technologies to fill powder ?

Choosing the right technology to fill powder There are different technologies to fill powder products, each with their own set of advantages: the vibrating conveyor, the valve, thevertical screw and thehorizontal screw. Which technology is the right one for you? The characteristics of your powder and the performance you expect from your filling machine will …


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