Legal metrology

Legal metrology includes a set of requirements and procedures to control the quality and traceability of the production.
Both a competitive tool and a sales argument, working in legal metrology is for customers the reassurance of compliance to the regulations.

Qualifications IQ, OQ, PQ

Following standard operating procedures, a lot of regulations, such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA), require equipment qualifications from companies.
To comply with these requests, MOM equipment can on demand benefit from IQ, OQ or PQ qualifications.
The Installation Qualification (IQ) is made to insure the conformity, the calibration and the documentation of the equipment.
The Operational Qualification (OQ) is made to insure that the equipment complies with the performance criteria through the realization of documented tests.
The Performance Qualification (PQ) is made to validate the performance of the equipment during production by the user.

Clean room

Producing in a clean room (according to ISO 14644-1) is made possible thanks to MOM equipment’s ability to being very easily cleaned.
The selection of materials, of surface treatments and of cleaning processes is made to optimize the production in a clean room.
Adding complementary equipment, such as laminar flows, allows to work in a grey environment.

Explosive atmosphere (ATEX)

Producing in an area subjected to explosion risks (also called ATEX area) requires the use of adequate components.
All electrical and non-electrical components used in an ATEX area should comply with the technical requirements of the zone type.
MOM designs and manufactures equipment specially dedicated to the production in ATEX area.

Acid and base dosers

Dosing strong acid or base products may require the use of specific materials. 316L stainless steel may be replaced by different types of plastic materials. Also, Teflon seals may be used instead of rubber seals.
MOM designs and manufactures a special range of dosers to fill acid and basic products.

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