Packaging and doses

Packaging and doses


MOM’s equipment is designed to be able to fill all of your products in all kinds of packagings: soft or rigid. As packagings are not strictly identical (there are tolerances regarding their weight, size, shape,…), MOM’s solutions are developed to successfully fill in spite of these differences.

Rigid packaging: cans, bottles, boxes,… in plastic, glass, metal,…

Soft packaging: bags, doypack,…


A same MOM dosing or filling machine can be designed for a wide range of products on a wide range of doses. The choice of the filling technology also depends on the desired doses. To calibrate the relevant solution, MOM works hand with hand with its customers all along their projects.

Liquid: from 10mL to 40L

Dry products: from 10mg to 40kg

For your packaging projects, please contact us.

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