Vertical auger filling machine


vertical auger filling machine

Our range of vertical auger filling machine

We manufacture vertical auget filling machine for dry products, from semi automatic lines to high speed filling machines.

Microfilling machine : from 10mg to 10g

The microfilling machines equipped with auger are usefull for high accuracy filling from 10mg. They are mainly use within pharaceutical industry. They are also used by consmetics companies as well as food industries for expensive products (for instance : vanilla powder,…).

Vertical auger filling machine from 10mg to 10g

Vertical auger filling machine from 10mg to 10g

To get the finest accuracy, the conception and the manufacture of the toolings are essaentials. The toolings stand for the auget, the funnel, and the agitators. Thanks to more than 90 years of expertise, we developped a huge number of toolings for a large number od dry products. And these numbers are continuously increasing as our customers have new products with physical and chemical specificities that needs to be filled. Once the toolings are designed, we manufacture its components inside our factory with our milling machines. The R&D we realized during the last decades with our partners (DMG for the milling machines, Mastercam for the CFAO) allow us to obtain a precise surface condition. This surface condition is mandatory for the acucracy of the filling. Also some client will request roughness certificates. For instance, it is common in the pharmaceutical industry to provide roughness certificates less than 0.8µm.
For the microfilling, to get the more accuracy, the best technology is filling by volume.
Follow this link to see a video of microfilling line.


Medium and large volume vertical auger filling machine – up to 50Kg

Doseur à vis verticale rotative

Doseur à vis verticale rotative

In addition to the high accuracy of the vertical auger filling machine, it is also very volatile. The same equipment fills both free-flowing and powdery powders. The dosing tooling must be replaced by a suitable tooling. This is the core of our know-how.

For dosages of a few grams to a few tens of grams, we usually manufacture volumetric dosing machines. They are very precise in these intervals and are also less expensive than their weight counterpart. Our range of small volumetric dispensers is rated A (pronounced alpha, the Greek letter).
Above a few tens of grams, a vertical auger filling machine operating by weight will be suitable. This is the Z range (pronounced dzeta, the Greek letter). Depending on the weight to be filled, we have several sizes of Z.

Some industries need to produce doses from a few grams to several hundred grams.
In this case, we manufacture equipment that can work both in weight and in volumetric mode.

The equipment we manufacture is adapted to the customer’s needs: doses to be dispensed, specificities, legal metrology,… For example, it is necessary to agree in advance on the dosing interval.
We use high-precision load cells and weighing indicators: classes C3 to C6.
In legal metrology, this allows us to fill over a wide range: for example from 500g to 20Kg on the same equipment.
In non-verifiable applications, the ranges can be even wider.

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