Spice filling machine


Spice filling machine

The specificities for spices

The spices are very numerous and very varied. They exist in grains, in microgranules, in small leaves, in sticky, pulverulent powders… For example, ground cinnamon is much more powdery than smoked paprika, turmeric or ras el hanout. Chervil, made up of small leaves, is very fragile and must not be damaged during the dosage.

In addition, it is not uncommon to see differences in physical properties between 2 batches of the same spice. The concentrations of essential oils are not always the cause, the quality of the spices themselves are important. Finally, the cost of some spices is particularly high. It is therefore important to look for versatile equipment that will minimize losses. The causes of the losses are as much a lack of precision in the dosage, as too long format changeover times, a lack of cleanability, an unhygienic design…

Regarding dosing technology, it is often thought that the best precision will be obtained with weight filling. It’s not always accurate. Weight dosing is effective for doses above approximately 50g. For the dosage of the grains (like the dawn in grains) we can also favor the weight, because of the weight of each grain. For powders, particularly on small doses of a few tens of grams, the volumetric dosing is very precise: from the moment the level is constant in the hopper of the filler, the volume dispensed is constant.

When you have a wide variety of spices, the solution is to use a weight doser which is capable of making volumetric doses. Thus, on small doses, volumetric operation is chosen. On the granules, we pass in weight. When we talk about grains, we often think of the need to pack the product in the packaging. This is the role of vibration during filling. If you are looking for weight, you can legitimately wonder about the accuracy of this dosage with vibrations.

Today the most advanced manufacturers install vibrators on the weight filling station without loss of precision. Ask the manufacturers to prove it to you by testing their machines. The vertical screw dosing makes it possible to fill all types of powder with precision, cleanliness and speed. And without damaging fragile products. To package a wide range of spices, it is therefore more appropriate to choose a vertical screw feeder.

Our range of spice filling machines

Whether you are looking for a high-speed, medium-speed or semi-automatic spice filling machine, take care of the simplicity of dismantling the parts in contact with the products AND the format parts. We speak of a high-speed machine for machines that fill more than 60, 80 or 100 vials per minute. On a high-speed machine manufactured by MOM, all the parts of the rotary table (stars and selection screws included) can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes, without tools and without rushing! You have to see it to believe it.

Don’t hesitate to call us to see a video or to try it out for yourself at our premises. Correctors on each element make it possible to always reassemble the format parts correctly, without risk of error. For other parts in contact with the product, such as for a semi-automatic machine, dismantling is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Emphasis has also been placed on the aspiration of fines. All the spices are not powdery, some flow very well like some curries, some ground nutmegs. Others like cinnamon can stick and give off dust. MOM’s high-speed machines are equipped with a system for dosing even the most powdery powders, while keeping the bottle necks clean.

Finally, following the request of many customers, the high-speed spice filling machine can also operate semi-automatically. In this operating mode, the dosing head pivots so that the operator can work the particular products in safety and comfort. Our range of spice filling machines is the result of a long partnership between spice packers and us. It is thanks to our customers that we have reached this level of quality. Thank you !



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