Filling machines at Interpack

Filling machine at Interpack

The Interpack trade fair will take place from May 4th to May 10th in Düsseldorf (Germany). Interpack is THE international trade fair for packaging equipment. Most manufacturers will exhibit their filling machines at Interpack. The show had not taken place for the last 6 years (2017). This is an opportunity to come or coma back and see machines in operation.Filling machines at Interpack - where are we located ?

8 main sectors are highlighted. Agrifood industry, which is made up of food, beverages, bakery and confectionery. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods and chemicals will be the other sectors represented.

Trends at Interpack 2023

Like all main shows, Interpack highlights current important topics.

The circular economy is the first subject. One objective is to discover how and where to find packaging that is 100% recyclable or that can be reused.

The second topic is resources management. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the entire supply chain has been strained. Moreover, in the era of resource scarcity (rare earths, metals, etc.) and climate protection, the industry must tend to focus on resource efficiency.

In the 3rd part, we find the reccurent topic : digital technologies. Although widespread today, the 4.0 will once again be put forward.

Finally, product safety is the 4th major theme. This subject is particularly interested in the added value of packaging. The objective is to answer the questions: how can we help consumers to throw away less food? How can a packaging tell the consumer if a food is no longer good for consumption?

The subject of the eco-design and the eco-use of machines could have been put forward. Many industrial companies involved in the environment have decided to act or want to act. For example, by reducing their consumption by 10% from autumn 2022 at identical production and level of quality. How did they do it? Which manufacturers have been able to offer them solutions on their existing lines ? How do manufacturers offer more ecological machines with superior performance? And how do we measure these eco-friendly machines?
These are interesting and essential questions for future common development.

MOM – Manufacturer of packaging machines for dry and liquid products

MOM will be present to present its range of filling machines at Interpack and its innovations. But we will also present the whole range of packaging machines that we manufacture.

Regarding the filling machines you will be able to see and try:MOM Packaging : a manufacturer of filling machines at Interpack

High speed filling machines
To pack rigid packaging for dry and liquid products, up to 10,000 packages per hour.
The latest generations incorporate extremely fast format change systems without tools. Currently best sellers!

Monobloc filling-closing machines
Very compact, they allow several operations to be carried out in a single machine.
Monoblocs are rotary machines. They allow a quick change of format without tools, in less than 5 minutes!

Semi-automatic filling machines
For smaller batches, semi-automatic dosing machines make it possible to process a wide range of products and doses.
They handle both rigid and flexible packaging.

MOM will also present its latest innovations.
You came to ALL4PACK 2022 with the journalist’s tour, discovered the new human-machine interfaces part 1 and you liked it a lot? It was a big success!
Come and discover part 2 of human-machine interfaces at Interpack.
For the record, the MOM design office has produced many technological breakthroughs. A tech start-up even came out of it!
And also: let’s talk about eco-design and eco-use of machines.

Where to find us ?
We will be in hall 15 stand 33.
Do not hesitate to make an appointment in advance by contacting us through our website or by email. We will be delighted to meet you and show you all our filling machines at Interpack!

Find all the information about the show on the official website.


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