Filling of dry chlorine products


Filling of dry chlorine products

Filling of dry chlorine products

Chlorine is a proven disinfection method. It is found in a wide range of disinfection products: chlorine granules or swimming pool powders, pipe cleaners, etc. Chlorine is however very aggressive. Even stainless steels are vulnerable. To avoid premature wear, it is necessary to use machines for filling of dry chlorine products, dedicated to this use. The same goes for alternatives to chlorine products. For example, the same machines condition active oxygen, chlorine and bromine neutralizers, filter cleaning products, bromine powder, alkaline detergents, etc.

Lines for filling of dry chlorine products must use suitable materials. Easily machinable plastics are often used: PVC, HDPE, HDPP, PEEK… In some cases, the use of stainless steel or aluminium is necessary. In the case of aluminium, it is necessary to carry out a surface treatment. The use of an epoxy paint is effective when well done. In the case of stainless steel, we are interested in its level of exposure: in contact, a few centimetres, metres… Depending on this level of exposure, the appropriate surface treatment will be chosen. Caution: do not consider only the parts in contact with chlorine. Fine particles can also cause damage.
The choice of material for seals is important. In the case of chlorine, viton is the most suitable material for direct contact with the product.
As for screws and bolts, peek should be chosen for parts exposed to splashes: they will be more durable than their stainless steel counterparts.

Filling machines adapted to aggressive products

MOM designs and manufactures equipment adapted to these types of aggressive products.
The equipment depends on the customer’s needs: from fully automatic lines to semi-automatic filling machines.
MOM lines can be found at many manufacturers and packagers of chlorinated products, in France, Germany,…
The advantages of MOM machines for this type of product are:

Dose ranges: from a few grams to several dozen kilograms. Example: from 500g to 10Kg on the same machine.
Versatility: depending on the type of equipment, it is possible to pack small pots, bags, buckets, sacks, etc. on the same machine.
The simplicity of format changes and dismantling for cleaning.
Hygienic design of the machines.
Packaging in legal metrology.
Robustness: thanks to its experience in filling chlorinated products.

See also our filling machines for liquid chlorinated products.

Ligne de remplissage de produits chlorés secs - MOM Packaging

Line for filling of dry chlorine products- MOM Packaging

Machine semi-automatique de remplissage de produits chlorés secs - MOM Packaging

Semi-automatic for filling of dry chlorine products – MOM Packaging


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