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Bicarbonate filling machine

Bicarbonate is a product in high demand. When looking for a bicarbonate filling machine, consider the following points.

Fine particle management. Some bicarbonates are powdery. When filling, to avoid generating dust, you need a filling machine with suction nozzles to be connected to your suction system. If you do not have a suction system, ask the manufacturer to put you in touch with a manufacturer or to integrate a suction system directly. In addition, choose vertical screw dosing rather than vibrating chute. The vibrating chute generates dust. Vertical screw dosing allows this problem to be dealt with effectively.

Bicarbonate diversity. The granulometry of bicarbonate can vary from one supplier to another. It also happens that the same supplier does not control the granulometry of the bicarbonate he delivers. It is therefore necessary to look for a versatile machine that can dose both bicarbonate that behaves like a powder and bicarbonate that behaves like microgranules.

No specific constraints. Filling with bicarbonate does not present an ignition risk. There is no need to use corrosion-resistant materials either. For parts in contact with the product, ask for 316L stainless steel. In addition to being food grade, this stainless steel is particularly robust.

MOM equipment

MOM builds a complete range of bicarbonate filling machine. Depending on your needs in terms of automation and speed, we manufacture :

Machine de remplissage de bicarbonate

Rotary weight filler

  • high speed dosing machines (up to 150cpm),
  • monoblocks with quick format changeover and no tooling,
  • linear fillers,
  • semi-automatic machines.

This equipment is very versatile: you can fill other types of powders and microgranules.

The dosing range is very wide, for example from 50g to 7Kg on the same machine.

Simple, robust and efficient: this is one of the reasons why MOM has been around since 1927.

Find out more about our complete range of dry filling machines.


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