Filling liquid chlorine products


MOM - Remplissage de produits chlorés liquides par Monobloc

Filling liquid chlorine products

Chlorinated products are used in several industries: health, chemistry,… However, chlorine is one of the main enemies of stainless steel. This is why the choice of materials in contact with the product is particularly important. The same applies to parts that are not in contact with the product. Indeed, chlorine vapours damage unprotected metal parts. Several solutions exist, such as the use of materials like PVC. For parts that need to be metallic, an epoxy paint treatment should be chosen. For screws and bolts, plastic caps are used to protect them. Another solution is to choose plastic screws, such as peek. The use of a drip tray under the machine is essential. It protects the surroundings: operators, floors, etc. But also to limit the risks of pollution.

Otherwise, machines for filling liquid chlorine products should have the same advantages as other equipment:

  • Simplicity of size changes (fast and without tools),
  • Nozzles adapted to the products (especially nozzle trays for foaming products),
  • The possibility to use the equipment for non-chlorinated products.

PVC filling machines by MOM

MOM designs and manufactures high speed automatic filling machines and semi-automatic machines.
Based on the same model as the stainless steel filling machines, they are used by our customers for both small volumes and 25L drums.
In the case of automatic machines, cleaning in place (CIP) is an important advantage.
The tanks of the machines are made of PVC with conical bottoms to avoid retention zones.
Like the other machines we manufacture, the PVC dosing machines built by MOM can operate in legal metrology.
Our weighing technologies allow for a wide dosing range.

For more information on stainless steel corrosion, we refer you to the very good article from Suez Water.

You can also find our filling machines for dry chlorinated products.

Remplissage de produits chlorés liquides par Monobloc

Monobloc filling and capping of chlorinated products

MOM Packaging - Remplissage de produits chlores liquide semi-automatique

MOM Packaging – Semi-automatic filling of liquid chlorine products


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